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Blogger Val said...

In this case, actually, I believe 0% is the correct answer:

There are four possible answers, therefore, the probability of randomly choosing a correct answer is in theory 25%. But 25% appears in two of four possible answer choices, so the probability of choosing the correct answer is 2/4 = 50% (b). But then if 50% is the correct answer, which is one out of four = 1/4 = 25% of the options, the correct answer is 25%. (c) 60% is totally irrelevant. Since (a), (b), and (d) contradict each other inherently, the correct answer is 0%, which does not appear as a choice.

*However*, if 0% were an option instead of 60%, there would be no correct answer because we would be back in the neverending loop (0% = 1/4 options = 25% = 2/4 options = 50%, etc). So 0% is only correct because it is not available as a choice.

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