Sunday, April 24, 2011

Top 10 Quotes Regarding our Pregnancy News

10. "I guess the warranty ran out on your procedure (vasectomy)?"
(I should have checked for an expiration date)

9. "Michael Phelps ain't got nuthin' on your little swimmers."
(In light of 4 pregnancies representing 4 methods of BC, I'd say they walk on water)

8. "So I wonder if they jarred something loose in one of those Mexican cavity searches."
(That's all I have to say about that)

7. "Just think, you won't lose sleep getting up to feed him because you'll be getting up that often to go to the bathroom."
(I'm making a list...)

6. "Your youngest will be starting college the same time this new one will start kindergarten."
(Why would you think we'll be able to afford to send any to college?)

5. "What do a government beaurocrat and a vasectomy have in common? Quite a bit actually."
(They both involve...well, you know, and neither seems to work)

4. "My condolences on your retirement."
(I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)

3. "We need to talk about a wheelchair ramp to the stage for the baby blessing."
(You're going on the list)

2. "You can shop for diapers for you and the baby at the same time."
(And the list continues to grow...)

1. "Hey! We're talking about this in sex ed!! -Addie
(To which her older brother and sister just said, "NO, Addie!")