Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What happens when you take five straight-laced ACU guys on a ski trip in 1991 and have them pose in front of some remote New Mexico greasy spoon (complete with gas pumps) while pretending to chew or dip tobacco?

Long term answer: 2 1/2 become worship leaders, one becomes a college professor and one becomes a physical therapist.

Short term answer: 2 stick their tongues in their cheeks hoping it will give the impression of a "chaw," two try to spit simultaneously and one gets the giggles.

Recognize anyone?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Credit Card Offers

Legally speaking, is there any problem with taking the postage-paid envelopes that come with credit card applications and merely sending them back empty? I mean, they’re requesting some kind of response to their solicitation and that is one way of responding. I am letting them know that I did not want to apply. And since I shred credit card applications sending it back empty may actually be more a more gracious gesture than sending it back full of confetti. Maybe I should make the message even more clear by writing on the back of the envelope, “STOP SENDING ME THESE!” That would just be a friendly message to help them save a little time, right? Of course I would regret that sending back the six envelopes that came in this weekend’s mail would cost them a little money each time I did it and that if enough people did the same thing they might eventually change their direct-mail marketing practices and save a few dang trees and keep some mail carriers from back surgery and cut way back on the amount of trash going into landfills and probably also greatly reduce the amount of identity theft going on and lower the amount of clutter in my mailbox.

Yep. I would regret that a whole bunch. If you’re curious about how much I would regret it, send me a postage paid envelope and I’ll let you know.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So 23 years ago we met. But 15 years ago today she walked down the splendorous center aisle of the Muleshoe Church of Christ as I sang “I Will Be Here” (a capella, of course) with what little breath I was able to muster up. She was simply taking it away. It helped a little to have my sister, Vicki, making faces at me from the back of the sanctuary.

Many of the faces in attendance that day are a bit of a blur to me now. I know many people traveled hundreds of miles to this little garden spot with one foot in West Texas and the other in the Panhandle and I appreciate their effort to attend. I suppose, however, the faces that stand out even more are the ones we no longer see and in a strange way those faces that were mere suggestions that day because they say more about what Kendra and I have experienced together as a married couple.

We have lost Vicki, but a strong memory is still that of her smirking at me during the wedding. We have lost Kendra’s Dad, but a strong memory is still that of him tackling me as the photographer took pictures of me removing the garter from Kendra’s leg at the reception. We have lost my Grandma Edie, but a strong memory is still that of the ushers forgetting to escort her out at the end of the ceremony as she sat there looking alone and somewhat confused. We have lost Kendra’s Grandma Clydetta and Grandpa George and MeeMaw but we still she them as we look through the wedding album. And then I see the faces of our kids as they look at pictures from that day and wonder what kind of lessons they are learning or seeing modeled in our home.

The jury is still out on that one and I suppose they will spend more time overcoming examples from their dad rather than implementing them. But one message I really hope gets through is that I love their mom. And even though I was all awestruck and soupy-eyed (not sure what that means, but I was) on the day of our wedding, I can honestly say that 5,477 days later (including leap years) I love her even more.

So, what began as a chance meeting at camp 23 years ago…

And became a marriage of 15 years or 5,478 days (and counting)…

Is being celebrated today, by no one more than me.

The traditional gift for 15 years is crystal and I tried to give Kendra a trip to see the crystal blue waters of Maui. The modern gift is a watch and she has given me the gift of some wonderful times. That may sound cheesy, but I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So bring on 5,000 or 10,000 or 15,000 more days and I’ll do my best to see each one as a gift. I am not so naïve as to suggest that I considered each of the past 5,477 to be so at the time, looking back I know they were. And so, I am looking forward to those to come.

Happy Anniversary, Kendra. I love you.

Friday, August 17, 2007


That’s the current total. But 5,478 was looming. It’s a big number, to be sure. But how best might it be commemorated?

We had some friends who had just traveled to a tropical locale. We looked into that, but in case you haven’t heard it is a bit of a circus over at the passport office. I knew, having come to the idea a little late, that there was no way our passports would be ready in time. Then I had an idea- and before it died of loneliness I put it into action.

I had a ton of miles from using my credit card for work purposes for the past few years but they were soon to expire. I cashed those in on two plane tickets for my bride and me to Hawaii. Hence the pictures.

There seemed to be forces at work conspiring to put a damper on the trip. There was a lost camera, a disappearing rental car, a broken rental car, a mysteriously cancelled activity, a missed connection in Phoenix, getting home with only one out of four bags. But all of that was cancelled out by one thing- actually I still came out way ahead.

I got to spend five days in one of the most beautiful places in the world with the most beautiful woman in the world.

In light of that, the only real downside was that we had to come back. So even though we were only in the 5,460 range or so, it was awesome. So awesome, that if any of you have miles you want to give up, I’ll go ahead and agree right now to sing for free at any event of your choosing (in Hawaii).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So what in the world, you may be asking yourself, is so special about the number 23? I mean, sure, it is apparently the number of flavors that combine to create Dr. Pepper and for some of you that may be of critical importance. But why should it matter that I met my wife 23 years ago?

And I have an answer for you.


For now I want to briefly share for some of you who have expressed an interest, a little of what we did last week. First, there was a great deal of travel involved. Here is one method we used with the help of our pilot, Richie.

This is what our hotel lobby looked like...

And this was the view from our room.

Of course, you didn't have to stay in the room. You could get off the elevator and go a few steps left to the golf course or a few steps right and get my favorite view...

Golf is great and all, but get real. I brought paradise with me to paradise so I chose the paradise overdose, thank you very much.